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Test Your Vein IQ

1. Spider veins are simply a matter of cosmetic concern.  True or False?

False.  While some telangiectasia, or “spider” veins are quite small, they can cause significant discomfort because of the pressure effect they cause at the level of the skin.  Spider veins may be harbingers of dysfunction of the larger underlying veins or a feature of a medical syndrome and therefore, should prompt medical evaluation.  
2. Definitive therapy for venous disease is not covered by medical insurance. True or False?

False.  Venous disease is a medical problem and as such, many insurance policies do provide coverage for definitive therapy.  Your vascular surgeon can best determine which treatment modalities are indicated and what your particular policy will cover. 
3. Female patients should wait until they have completed having children prior to seeking medical care for their varicose veins.  True or False?

False.  Treatment should be initiated early in pregnancy to minimize the otherwise inevitable exacerbation of symptoms of existing varicose veins.  What's more, treatment options for complications of varicosities are limited during pregnancy.  A vascular surgeon can implement strategies for prevention and definitive therapy when appropriate. 

 4. The most significant risk factor for development of varicose veins is having a mother with symptomatic varicose veins.  True or False?

False.  The most significant risk is imparted by a father with varicose veins. 

 5. Use of over the counter support hose are an effective means of preventing deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins.   True or False?

False.  Over the counter hosiery is neither strong enough nor is it designed to apply compression in the distribution necessary to prevent complications of venous disease.  To be effective, hosiery must be well fitted and of the appropriate strength to manage the patient’s vascular disease.  Compression hosiery should never be worn if there is a question of whether symptoms are due to arterial or venous dysfunction.  Only a medical specialist can make this determination.


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